Oh my gods and goddesses why are you so STUPID.

I’m gonna say that over and over IN YOUR FUCKING HEAD REPUBLICAN PARTY in Jesus’s NAME AMEN. There is power in the blood omg.

Hey King, I hope I just hypnotized the ass hat crowd okay? KK.

KEEP IN MIND Clarence Thomas is right wing ya’ll give me a break do i have to point everything out?

Everything Cara, everything. Remember Hun, you just cursed them with what they already are, Babe. STUPID is correct stick with that this weekend. #FayTale

I’m putting George here because George has a good dog and dresses well. I always like His Hair in His Videos. And he nailed McCain, Meghan. He nailed her last week. That bitchy whiny voice should be George’s trademark, I swear to Satan it should be.

Knock knock.

Who’s there


Jesus WHO

That bastard libtard son who we like to keep in his dreams:

I believe I will somehow sedate myself as well with this shit going on, Mr. Brule Chicken, Sir. And I’m making tortilla soup with chicken in it just for me. You know how they think, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” in America: NO PLEASE EVERY CHARISMATIC FROM HERE TO TENBUCK2 DO NOT DO A CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL BOOK CLUB AT CPAC THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION #OMG



Oh. MY. GOD. nra hell

Texas and non-profit is their next move. Let me tell you something. Murder is profitable why in the living fuck can the NRA file non-profit in MY STATE OF TEXAS


ABC News Report pictured in the feature image. @loutrebrule retweeted it and I saw it at 5:44 PMC TODAY 🤐🤬🤐



…..little bitch hunt, and I quote @BastardSon_ yup.

To be clear we obviously already know d fucking t and company are not what Louis ArmStrong is singing to US forevermore WE the #BelovedCommunity. We don’t let in little bitches.

Oops I capitalized it. That’s fine. Who cares about details in my life?

Not Donald Trump certainly. OKAY here is the Wiki ya’ll:

OH. The joke’s on me here; @BastardSon_ knows exactly how to tick the Little Sister off…

Atomic bomb? When dt is tryna call itself a witch?

Heavens no. It’s a shit stain talking is all. They’d do better by moderates to put Mitt Romney up there unless he has COVID 19. Vax the boy, ya’ll.

Dear Gawd if ya’ll put Paula Cain White up there this is gonna be grand. Get those idiots up there that we’re laughing at and you got Revelation 11 in reverse.

Kenneth Copeland ain’t a dead prophet in the street. Patrick Clayton Beaty is, and, so is His GrandDaddy who is……

Well I’ll let the Elect Gentile Judah Guys handle this with Elect Jew Guy.

I ain’t exactly keeping my mouth shut but I ain’t exactly not doing that.


It’s so cute to see them all drugging out and fucking out and etc until the children of the horror show up and then I……

Well that doesn’t go on this website blog. It goes on at least three others.

Where is my Deja Vu right now? Like I said, I’m letting the Judah Guys & Company decide. I’m just along for the ride. It either needs to be a sports car, a horse, or a jet.

Saying ya’ll.

OKAY THIS GOES HERE TOO YOU FIGURE IT OUT IF YOU CAN’T you’re probably a little republican-ass bitchie.

Last but not least, Mr. Cooke has some good points for little bitch land here: TRUMPERS!! NO MORE NEED TO COMMENT ON POSTS!!


This is Cara from the Ministry of Uncovered No More

There ain’t gonna be any categories. This is gonna be raw.

If I need to laugh at myself I may tell you a time or two what I was thinking when I farted.

But for now, all I know is I agree with Molly, and she needs a different outlet with a Sister like I need a different outlet with a Sister….on Twitter. We both have kids.

Get out of the fucking way this shit goes to the garbage and we never look back LOL.

PS: that book review is on another of my FUCKING SEVEN BLOGS 😝

The Storm in Austin, Texas, with Surrounding Fucking Politics

It’s not like @tedcruz didn’t take his family to Cancun during this crisis, is it?

Okay, follow me, America, because I’m going to say several things in several layers because that’s normal. This is the world we live in so get used to it and stop blaming Cara Coffey for your shit shows on the side of true REALITY, damn it.

Now This News Status with the Mayor of Texas who is very accurate, #ThankYou, Sir…..

Here’s from Lucifer and My Response, on a Federal Level, and we are generally-speaking sick of “Ted Cruz” whose real name is Rafael.

Let the rest of us fill in the blanks from twitter about fucking ted Cruz.

Okay let me spell it the fuck out ALREADY: 1. Republicans always spin a negative on Green New Deal and a positive on child rape and trafficking. ALWAYS I AM ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ACCURATE.

2. That”s not only White Supremacy right out in the open, it’s pedophilia, child rape, and spouse abuse out there. It’s so many other things like lynching black people, white police murdering black people way more frequently than white people and god who doesn’t exist only knows how much of it was righteous at this point.

These people are fine with losing electric power of poor people. It just gives them excuses to up their viewing of naked and shivering children in their homes which have the ability faster, and I”m not even talking about the reports too heinous to break open publicly about the Catholic Church because these people are murderous in private and will never turn themselves in for proper justice.

They just like it that Cruz got to go to Cancun. I kid you not I had a white guy I was nice to yet honest with at a Starbucks give me their most idiotic line: have you ever considered getting a job? I LEFT SO I DIDN’T PLANT MY SIZE 11 INTO HIS GROIN AND ENJOY THE COPS TAKING ME AWAY AS I STATED POINT BLANK AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS NO JUSTICE NO PEACE NO JUSTICE NO PEACE NO JUSTICE NO PEACE NO JUSTICE NO PEACE NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE until those fucking police had to duck tape my face and I would have kept throwing as much magical shade as possible as I was ushered out.

You all didn’t have that pleasure America. Now it is 2021. You will have the pleasure to see me power walk Austin, Texas and I will clearly be screaming–with every breath I take and every fucking step I make in that city of my own free will–NO JUSTICE NO PEACE #BLM AMEN!!!!

My brothers and sisters, when you see me coming, I have foreseen our gorgeous and peaceful protest. You simply fall arm and arm with me, then behind us and we march to the Capitol and around it; we dance on the lawn free together.

Who am I arm and arm with? Oh my LOVES it is gorgeousness, Bernice King, Nina Turner, Jeff Tiedrich, and of course @DarkPrinceLucy and @BastardSon_ and @loutrebrule AND @jesus_twinkie and @TweetOfSpirit and @SonOfGodAndMan and Molly Jong-Fast and you know, Austin, Texas, for I have us on my websites as clearly as clear can be. You are used to Cara linking arms with my children and my other people on blogs.

Reality is here. Reality is NO JUSTICE NO PEACE AMEN 🙏🏼

okay! #GoTeam

And Mary Trump walks with Me in #ATX too. 💙😎

Completely Agree with My Dude here:

Paul Chambers is the real deal of Men. What He shows here is a good representation of why I have an uncovered no more garbage can, and what’s funny is I thought this thing would not take off.

Turns out, lots of US real folks are perfectly fine with Cara’s Garbage Place.

READ: naw, we ain’t going anywhere Eric Trump. We are your living dream of fulfillment, Baby Boy Red.

So THAT IS a DemonCrats, Thanks @thematthewcooke

I will read aloud Revelation 11 and call the laughing upon those who laugh at dead prophets in the street.


Revelation 11 read by Cara BC

I speak great loss in the game of chance Republican Senators are playing with the American Will of the People and the Democratic Party for many years; none of which I personally agreed with their mixing of Christian religion into their politics thereby enabling white supremacy and freedom of speech for only a few.

The King of kings plays with the Dreidel; He never loses his own games of Tribe Judah. If anyone cannot see that, that anyone can burn in hell.

You’re welcome, Lucifer. I know you are ever hungry for the blood of those who are not real.

I’m just kidding. Lucifer isn’t a real angel, was only mentioned once in the Bible Record, and that is that.

Or is it?

#FayTale #Invocation


First and Second Peter

Isaiah 40 & 61 because it isn’t Isaiah’s fault that batshit crazy idiots are misinterpreting the book.

Yes I was checked on. No it is none of your business. Burn. Now. In the Name of the King of kings, amen. Do not assume you know what I am doing with pages of the Bible. Do not assume you know anything anymore about Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey.

Website Link listed below by @almightygod

Me neither Jeff. #ThankYou

This Guy is Out of Control

Call to Action Ep01 by Matthew Cooke was produced five years ago.

I’d have rather a billion people had stopped by. Those of us who take consequences because we will not be cow-towed into compliance stand dead IRL and/or in reality of day to day living.

Five years ago, five years ago…….

Forget it. I’ll just walk the Moon River….and stop hating on myself because I’m in a bubble, safer than I was, and can move on.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Moon River by Audrey Hepburn

But so many people cannot speak out.

Well I can still do that despite how I deserved all the punishment my life received. At least “This Guy” so to speak, cannot accost me anymore. But now I must fill a void in my own life, and I didn’t want it this way for 12.5 years.

Harry Potter—Order of the Phoenix Fireworks

(Let’s just say any lady in a pink dress suit is suspicious and I’m not kidding)

Pray for me. No, no, don’t pray for anyone else. Pray for me today and every day, thanks. Thank you Mr. Cooke, and however that video is the first one I saw to access this morning. I couldn’t finish it. Don’t feel bad.

There are so many videos I cannot finish. And yes, FYI I see the pain in your eyes. You aren’t acting, and I know that. So many people have passed my videos and ministry up because they don’t see my eyes. They see a woman they want to control just like……..yes well, We ARE FREE

Okay. Glad to get that little ongoing issue off my life. Children and women are targets. Remember that.

OF course some people have issues with general media outlets DANG

So I didn’t stuff my mouth too much today and in large part that is probably because I stayed AWAY from all the commercials, uhhhhmmmmmm, news.

Serious though when I walked into Costco the TV’s were like EAT CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE ICING POURED OVER IT EAT CAKE NOW

I bought one bottle of wine. And the Green Bag Doritos I do not generally eat. I have a boi. He is a Dorito monster.

If you don’t have a boi who is a Dorito monster I feel sorry for you. No really, I do. Dorito monsters keep a mama young lol.

Hallelujah the clouds were pretty toDAY.

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