Now Idiot ex-Prez is Mouthing Off as a Lame Lying Duck

Again, notice Who retweeted another account. I happen to enjoy KISS.

SO there we have it. True Authority and I haven’t even had my cup of coffee publicly yet, America.

You know the Truth. What is holding up your acceptance of it?

Let me tell the United States something: The Pakistani Mothers deserve the full truth and full power to build Pakistan to where their women can have their children in safety every bit as much as most American Mothers can do.

Fuck off your wicked intent. We absolutely are going to annihilate any knowledge from our families’ lives about the number 45 and this degradation upon Our Great Land in the United States of America.

Get a grip.


Jesus Christ Retweets to WARN

I suggest you get on Twitter. I’ve been saying at my house that I have a duty to warn through the King of kings for several weeks and the peeps either don’t care or argue with me.

It’s fine I’ve now taken to rune throw and I’m not gonna explain that except to say does anybody remember Cara telling you all WE do not need you? We don’t need languages. And that is first off First Corinthians 13 and second off Rune Stones.

Apple’s link to the scandal of so many Secret Service Members around the “president” being side-lined


This is Cara from the Ministry of Uncovered No More

There ain’t gonna be any categories. This is gonna be raw.

If I need to laugh at myself I may tell you a time or two what I was thinking when I farted.

But for now, all I know is I agree with Molly, and she needs a different outlet with a Sister like I need a different outlet with a Sister….on Twitter. We both have kids.

Get out of the fucking way this shit goes to the garbage and we never look back LOL.

PS: that book review is on another of my FUCKING SEVEN BLOGS 😝

Chris Krebs was fired by rump irrationally

It isn’t a typo I’m sick of this shit so laugh or cry; Im not fond of typos…

Sparrow Media Clip

How CUTE I screenshotted at 11:44.

I’m glad there is a memorial for my parents among others. In Loving Memory of Faithful People is why I have blogs today. Some days, it’s just for me. Other days, it’s for a whole generation of people. Today, my parents will be celebrated three days after my brother’s birth date in 1962. So I like this for my family. I’m the only Beaty left and this comforts me somehow though this Republican situation is so messed up!

I’m glad my parents aren’t here now.


Dang it’s good to be watching the news again.

Frank Schaeffer is Correct

You do not want the fam drama about COVID today.

Well you do because what’s reading without drama, what’s watching TV without drama?

I thoroughly enjoyed PBS’s News hour some as well so that is what’s what. Real people speaking compassionately and sanely about things like how China and Europe are going to react the next four glorious years, as well as Middle East by people who know and who love all countries involved.

My child summed up our drama: SO basically if they voted for trump they aren’t careful about COVID. (Paraphrase which you want; I will not admit defeat about GenZ speak which I can adopt and shock them for just a second, but OTOH I’m supposed to be the parent, *snorting laugh* what the fuck ever that is anymore I kid you some and kid you not it depends and I dunno what it depends on toDAy.)


My thoughts for A-Aron:

Rest assured, ‘Merica, I’ve said worse and have every right to do so.

Then there’s Molly. You don’t mess with Molly.

MOLLY, Here We ARE!!

Reuter’s Article below:

Now for good humor. I must admit I still want Donald Trump, even, to smile today. Don, try to get a something to do. Try.

Now now Molly; exactly WHY are you sorry please?

Acyn Tarabi’s Twitter post video

Frank Schaeffer is Correct


I’m just the neighborhood gurl who got upset at my parents for making me share my most favorite doll with Christy.

Lol Big Brother is Correct. I actually have quite a few BROTHERS who are correct and some of them look younger than me but don’t let looks deceive thee AGAIN, America.

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